32 Days To Freedom - Mentorship Program
I want to give you the opportunity to learn a high income skill - If you're serious about changing the trajectory of your life this program is for you. My real estate program has been developed to help new investors receive the guidance, knowledge & support they need to complete their first deal. Here is what you can expect from my intensive hands on 4 weeks coaching program... 
WEEK ONE: You’ll learn where and how to start. This is a question I know you have been wrestling with, and a huge reason why you haven’t started investing. You are simply unsure where you should begin. In week one I will coach you through setting up your new business. I will explain the best starting point and the tasks that you need to complete to build a solid foundation that ensures future success! 
WEEK TWO: You’ll dig deep into the fundamentals of real estate investing. We will explore 7 high converting marketing techniques to find motivated seller. This is an essential step that we will master together. During this week you will also learn how to properly determine how much a home is worth and how you can easily determine repair costs using the same formulas I use during my in-home walkthroughs. By the end of this week you will know the maximum amount you should offer on a property. 
WEEK THREE: You’ll explore the sales process. You will be learning how to effectively talk and build rapport with potential clients allowing you to quickly screen and convert phone calls into appointments. During this chapter, we will also be practicing negotiating skills that close deals! I will be teaching you how to properly fill out a purchase and sales agreement and the language you need to include to minimize your risk. We will also review the entire closing process giving you the clarity you need to close the deal. 
WEEK FOUR: You’ll be learning advanced real estate techniques. I will provide you with a roadmap that will allow you to scale your business so that you can continue to grow your net worth. As you grow your business you will need to use other forms of financing which I fully cover during week four. These are the same financing methods I have used to grow two multi-million dollar businesses.
This program includes all the support and tools you need to build a successful real estate investing business:
32 Days To Freedom Course: 4-week step-by-step, training program explaining exactly how to start and build a successful real estate investing business. Giving you all the tools and support you need to do your first deal in the next 32 days. 
32 Days To Freedom Workbook: Accompanying workbook including a variety of hands on exercises. Developed to teach you essential real estate investment fundamentals. These tasks will not only teach you these key points but will also push you to take the proper actions that will make you successful in this business! 
Weekly Coaching Calls: Each week we will have a coaching call where I will be reviewing that weeks material. During these coaching session you will receive feedback and answers to your questions in real-time. This group mentoring time is designed to push you to exceed your goals and expectations while keeping you on track!  
Supporting Documents: All of the documents that you need to be successful as a new investor. I will be providing you with the most important documents and spreadsheets such as your purchase & sale agreement, flipping spreadsheet, repair cost spreadsheet, assignment forms, phone scripts, intake forms, credibility packets and marketing templates. These are just a few of the tools I will be providing you during this program. This information alone is worth the price of the course. 
Private Training Group: Full access to me though the 32 Days To Freedom Facebook Group. Have a question or need pointers on a deal? Simply post it in the group and I will get back to you with a solution. You will also have access to all the other course participants. This is a great space to network and brainstorm with other new investors. Learn what is working from other, this group is a great place to expedite your learning and success! 
If you would like to speak with me directly about this opportunity please fill out the application below. If your answers align with my program we will schedule a phone call to speak with me directly to go over your goals and see if I can truly help you.  Please keep in mind this is a hands on coaching program that is made to deliver real results so I can only accept so many participants.
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Application Questions
How many hours a week can you dedicate to learning? 
How much money do you have to invest into marketing for leads on a monthly basis? (Best results are achieved with a minimum of $500 a month marketing budget)
When are you looking to change your financial situation and life?
Is making an investment into your future a strategy that you are willing to use as long as it pays for itself?


I was really surprised at how simple being able to flip
houses and real estate investing really is. Nick has out‐
lined everything in a very clear and easy to read manner. With Nick's course, I know I'll be able to start an ex‐
citing adventure of investing in a way I never thought
possible! I'm going to share this information with anyone
I know who's ever wanted to invest in real estate, but
thought it was out of the realm of possibilities!


Nick's Program is the most informative real estate resources I have ever read. It’s such a simple and detailed approach to becoming involved in real estate investing. The language used makes the material easy to understand. Having a workbook, spreadsheet, and checklist gave me confidence to tackle the overwhelming world of real estate. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering investing in real estate.